Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to partner with brands to create content that their customers can’t wait to watch, not skip.

Our approach to long-format content gives brands unprecedented television exposure by having their products or services integrated into the fabric of a show.

Bow + Arrow represents a disruption to the television and media industry. Our mission is to empower brands to create and produce long form entertainment.  Production companies rely on corporate sponsors to create and co-produce projects with networks and streamer services. 

Our approach is client forward and puts the brand in the driver seat by helping to deliver a turn key approach to long form content.

Partnering with brands from the start of the production process allows for a symbiotic relationship between the two entities - the streaming platform gets quality content on a budget, and the brands get unprecedented exposure on a television show. Inc

“Brands are starting to take the relationship further by co-producing on set with the network. This allows for a more organic integration of the brand into the show.” 

Inc Magazine

“When viewers enjoy content, they view the integrated brands more favorably and experience higher recall while the brand experiences lift along with potential for cultural iconic status.”